Writing Horror

I am, in the words of my 18 year-old niece, a “wimp-nugget.” I get woozy when people talk about health problems, from complications of pregnancy to anything having to do with blood. I have a cyst at the base of my middle finger and I’m avoiding talking to my doctor about it because every time I say the word “cyst” out loud I get queasy and need to lie down with cool cloth on my forehead.

Unsurprisingly, I am also not much for fictional horror from creepy pasta to film.

However, two of my closest friends happen to LOVE horror. One of those friends is the amazing Paula D. Ashe. If you like horror you should absolutely check out Paula’s work because it is high caliber stuff. She occasionally shares pieces in progress on her Facebook page and I hate it because they are so good that I have to read them but I. Don’t. Want. To. because they worm their way into my brain and stay there. That’s just what good stories do though. Sigh.

As a wimp-nugget, I spend a considerable amount of time wondering why the people I’m closest to love horror so much when I can’t even make my way through “Supernatural.”

Enter, footnote 17 from Chapter 5 of my dissertation:

One story shared in the Homeschooling and Racism forum noted her family was friends with a family of self-identified theonomists who believed in biblical slavery and were trying to recruit people (of color?) to enter a slave and master relationship with them. If this sounds like a veiled reference to a BDSM lifestyle all I can say is that there is a fascinating dissertation to be written on the un-selfconscious parallels between the authoritarian structure of Christian Patriarchy and the power play of BDSM communities. The difference is that BDSM communities are sticklers for clear consent which is rendered meaningless in the Christian Patriarchy framework where women, children, and people of color are not considered quite close enough to God to really have the ability to consent or dissent.

This is the moment I realized: Some of my best friends are horror writers because I am a horror writer aka a gender and sexuality historian.

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