Feminist Party Platforms

Over the second half of the semester I had my Women, Politics, and Public Policy students write a feminist party platform responding to the issues we covered each week. Below are the platforms each team created with minimal editing for clarity.

Team Wonder’s Platform–Named for the Natalie Wonder song “Wonder”

We would like to create a platform centered around adaptability within society. When we talked about resiliency versus strength, we thought that something that was very important to create a strong platform was the ability to adapt with evolving ideas. As the ideas that propagate through society advance, our platform should be able to meet those needs.

When discussing specific policies we’d work to enact, we focused a lot on the police and improvements that can be made within that system. We were in a general consensus that some form of law enforcement is necessary, however we have ideas to maintain high accountability standards. We would like to have an external community review board to preside over all cases involving potential officer misconduct. In addition, we think the decriminalization of most non-violent acts would be a moral and fiscally responsible adjustment. In order to protect the rights of those convicted, for-profit prison systems would be removed. Finally, we would change the system to be more rehabilitative focused such that we rely more on mental health care and preventative measures as opposed to the current inhumane conditions found in prisons (solitary confinement, slave labor, brutalization, etc.).

As our final declaration, we would like to arrest Rose from Titanic because Jack totally could’ve fit on the door and she is therefore a murderer.

Team Scratch and Win–Named because they never seemed to be talking about class but always had the best answers when asked a question

Ethic: Safety

Philosophy statement: fundamental equity accounting for the intersectionality of all persons


  • Key part of platform
  • Maintain a liberal view on education, meaning that change is necessary to keep education relevant and correct
  • Must educate younger generations about the struggles faced by oppressed groups and how to fight this oppression
  • Ensure that education contains proven fact and not unsupported theory
  • Make comprehensive sex education a part of every curriculum


  • An example of toxic masculinity
  • Hurts both men and women
  • Promotes a violent culture and idealizes the strength and violence of masculinity
  • Party is vehemently against offensive war tactics
  • A militaristic culture that permeates everyday society can encourage a conformative, hyper-conservative culture


  • Food security for all is paramount
  • Legislation ideas
    • Subsidize stores to provide cheaper, healthier food
    • Tax unhealthy foods
    • Incentivize development of cheaper, healthier food
    • Move wasted food to food pantries and public schools
    • Package in Farm Bill, advertise as “Work-fare”

Civil Rights:

  • Allow free speech as Constitution currently does, but with modifications
    • “Yelling Fire in a Movie Theater” Bill – any purposely falsified information disseminated in any way using public funds or other resources/capital is not protected under free speech
    • Because we are pro-net neutrality (turn internet from club good into common good), we consider the internet a public good, the internet is not protected under free speech
      • Data collected for security, but illegal to sell data to private companies

Team Model U.N.–Named because of the amount of debate they engaged in

  1. Pink Tax
    1. We believe that all women should not be taxed for mandatory products that are needed in their daily lives. Allowing these products to be tax free would help tremendously in equality.
  1. Feminine Care Products in the Military
    1. Fem care products should be given to women service members, just like products like Viagra are given to men. But as you can see, Viagra isn’t needed for their daily lived, femcare products ARE needed in a women’s daily life.
  1. Gender Gap Wage
    1. Currently women make 79 cents to every dollar men make. This is ludicrous because these women work diligently to make a living for themselves and almost always are doing the same work, if not more, than men. We need to keep looking to close the gap of pay between men and women in our country.
  1. Reproductive Rights
    1. Ensuring that all women have the rights to reproductive justice is crucial.
      1. For example, there is no required paid family leave in the United States, which is the only country besides Cuba that doesn’t have that. We NEED to require companies to provide paid maternity and paternity leave so that families have this opportunity.
      2. We also need to work on educating doctors on for maternity complications in and after birth. The US has the highest maternal mortality rate in developed countries and that needs to go down. With all the technology and resources we have it should never be that high.
  1. Ensuring that ENDA (Employment Non-Discrimination Act)
    1. This legislation would end job discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. Sexual harassment is becoming more common and with the house and senate continually and we need to work on rallying our representatives to pass this.

Team Themyscira–Named because they were the only all female team

The core of the party is the social, economic and political equality of all genders. There is no discrimination of any inequities and/or privileges, and inclusiveness is a valued tenet of the party. This party comes from a place of advocacy for policy, people, and country.


Barriers to enter the military will not be based on gender or sexuality. Rape will not be tolerated as a weapon of war, whether it is used on or off the battlefield. Sexual assault will be addressed thoroughly in basic training.


Change food stamps system to a case by case process. To create a government funded food pantry system , to replace the food stamps program in specific areas. Account for children.

Prisons systems

In order to create a better future for the prison system, we need to de-privatize prisons and create a committee be appointed to improve the prisons. Put more programs for mental health care in place.

Team Fortitude–Because many of the team members exhibited great fortitude over the course of the semester

Ethic: Efficiency and Transparency

  • Women on food stamps should have access to better foods. This is achieved by changing the taxes on healthy foods versus fast food.
  • Greater background checks to protect people from unsuitable gun owners.
  • Condensing government agencies to be more beneficial for the people and removing wasted funds.
  • Better Sex Education in schools that talk about all the aspects of sex and not just abstinence.

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