I almost didn’t get out of bed this morning.

Even I can’t explain why, with everything going on in the world, it was the too large victory of Republican Greg Gianforte in Montana that really put me under this week.

Granted, Gianforte is a terrible human being and the fact that he body-slammed a reporter who was doing his job, and then lied about it, mostly seems to be piss-frosting on a shit-cake.

Gianforte supported a white-supremacist in a race for another seat. There’s a lot of things wrong with Gianforte’s defense of his campaign contributions to Taylor Rose. The shortlist is this:

  1. Even if someone shares your party affiliation it might be a good idea to think critically and evaluate whether or not they will be the best representation of your party.
  2. Even if you were ignorant of his white supremacist views, which I don’t buy for a second, ignorance of the law is no excuse. Next time you get pulled over try telling the officer you weren’t aware you were breaking the law. In even simpler terms, if the impact of your actions was not what you intended you are still responsible for that impact.
  3. Shouldn’t you, as a Republican, be concerned that white supremacists see your party as their best avenue to legislative power? And, if you aren’t, what does that say about you?

In short, the idea that a lot of votes for Gianforte were cast before he assaulted a reporter does not excuse the people of Montana, or the Republican Party more generally, from tolerating Gianforte as a candidate for public office.

I grew up on the Eastern side of Washington state. I have family and friends in Montana. I’ve vacationed in various parts of Montana over the years. I know the people of Montana like their freedom. That’s primarily why they live in Montana–a place where they have space to spread out and do as they please for the most part. How they didn’t see Gianforte as a threat to that treasured freedom is obvious, but so sad.

It seems that Montanans choose freedom to pollute their beautiful state, and freedom from healthcare over freedom of speech. Of course, so did the rest of America in the general election.

I’m sad for Montana and I’m sad for my country and I’m just so sad. That’s why I wanted to stay in bed today–to pull the covers over my head and pretend none of this is happening.

Eventually, I dragged myself out of bed, because I’ll be damned if I don’t continue doing my little bit of work in the opposition. I’m so tired, friends, but we #persist.

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