It’s Not Just A Website

Over the past two weeks I, like many other Hoosiers from both parties, have wanted to contact my senators to tell them how I would like them to represent me and what I think is best for the Greater Lafayette area. In the case of Sen. Todd Young this has been virtually impossible. I, and several other Hoosiers, have been forced to express our opinions on Sen. Young’s FB page because his website is not up yet.

This is unacceptable. Personally, I have worked on the development of several websites for things far more trivial than a U.S. senate seat and is not only desirable, but imminently possible, to have a website prepared and ready to go live, meaning publicly accessible, at the press of a button.

There are four possible explanations for why Sen. Young does not have a website yet and none of them reflect positively on the senator or his ability to represent our state.

Option 1 is that he has hired remarkably inept IT staff.

Option 2 is that Sen. Young was not really prepared to win and his team was caught off guard in having to develop a functional website when he actually did.

Option 3 is that, though his campaign relentlessly criticized Evan Bayh for making a lucrative career out of his political experience, Sen. Young wants to do the exact same thing and knows that the best way to do so is to enthusiastically support the party line no matter how many of his supporters need the ACA or have serious questions about the ethics of the incoming administration. Thus, it is simply easier for the senator to not have a functioning website until after Trump’s nominees are approved and the ACA is gutted.

Option 4, which I find the most likely, is that Sen. Young does not know how to rule peacefully. I remember Sen. Young’s campaign ads telling me for months that he was ready to use his experience as a Marine to go to Washington and fight. My grandfather was a marine. My father and stepfather served in the Army. Certainly, our armed forces do an excellent job of teaching leadership skills including teamwork, negotiation, adaptability, and diplomacy. It is telling that Sen. Young didn’t campaign on any of these peacetime skills but purely on going to fight. It seems to me that after the most divisive election of my lifetime what we need is not another strongman to enter the fight but a wise man to build coalitions that benefit all Hoosiers and all Americans. The beginning of wisdom is to listen, and this is even more true in the case of an elected representative whose entire job is to listen to the many competing needs of those he represents and decide the best way forward.

None of these four options are desirable. In the case of option one we have a senator who is inept at hiring and managing staff which directly translates into a waste of taxpayer money. In option two we have a senator who is not confident in his abilities or prepared to lead. In option three we have a senator refusing to do his job and in option four we have a senator who fundamentally misunderstands what his job is.

Perhaps when the senator gets his website up and running he can tell us which of these it is.

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