What Would You Rather Not: Women or Socialism

The Republican party seems to hate a lot of things, but none more so than women.*

While I know that generalization does not represent any of my Republican friends, or a good many republicans in the U.S., it is undeniably accurate about their most vocal leadership. After all, two of the three remaining GOP candidates have moved to drastically cut funding to Planned Parenthood or eliminate it all together even though it is already illegal for federal funds to go towards abortions (which is generally what they claim they object too). I mean there’s also this and this. In fact, if the GOP Rape Advisory wasn’t scary enough for you there is the fact that the current front-runner for that party’s nomination, and the most “liberal” regarding Planned Parenthood is this guy.

Of course, we also know that the GOP hates socialism because God gave us all capitalism and it is our duty to love it even if it destroys us. Something like that, anyway. This is, presumably, why they have fought the Affordable Care Act for so long.

This raises an interesting question: does the GOP hate women or socialism more?

I cast my vote for women. In fact, in 2010 the ACA passed in part because President Obama reinstated five years of funding for abstinence-only education which has been proven to be ineffective at best and harmful at worst. Although the A-H abstinence only education that Obama traded for the ACA is incredibly harmful to everyone (and I mean everyone) it is particularly harmful to young women (more on that in another post, I think). Of course, expanded health care would disproportionately help women who are more likely to work part-time jobs without health care benefits.

So, yeah, probably women.

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