#TeachingTuesday: The Pay Gaps

Pay Gap

So, I made this thing for work a while back and I thought it would be good to share for #TeachingTuesday. I used three sources to make the spreadsheet that then made the graph. First, I used this spreadsheet from Purdue and used the salary one year after graduation for health professions/related programs. I then used that starting salary as the salary for our fictional white male and adjusted the salary for Asian American, Black, Native American/Asian Pacific Islander, Latina, and White women using this. I also assumed that every year over a thirty year career each person would receive a three percent raise since CNN Money estimated was what workers could anticipate in 2016 here.

Now obviously, this isn’t a perfect representation. The fact that original salary information comes from an average of reported jobs one year after graduation means that it doesn’t accurately reflect the starting salary of a white male in this profession. Assuming a three percent percentage raise every year for thirty years seems sort of ludicrous, particularly if you live in an at-will state like Indiana. However, what the graph does do is show that there are multiple pay gaps–not just one. What was particularly impactful about the graph for me was that it over half of their careers for Latina, Black, and Native American/Asian Pacific Islander women to make what our fictional white male starts out with. Damn.

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