#TeachingTuesday: I Kissed A Girl

You know this song, right? No, not that song. This song.

That’s right. Before there was Katy Perry there was Jill Sobule serenading us with the excitement of kissing a girl for the first time.

I use the Jill Sobule video almost every time I teach a class. It’s uses are legion.

At times I have played the Katy Perry song, followed by Jill Sobule, followed by an increasing hard to find parody video from Good Asian Drivers to get students to talk about the male gaze and how the different videos for songs on the same theme conform to and deviate from it. I have also used that same progression of videos to introduce my students to the concept of interpolation. Many of them are off put by the Jill Sobule video with it’s fifties theme and it’s Fabio. It’s a good way of pointing out to them that that video was not made to interpolate them as an audience while the Katy Perry video very much was.

I’ve also used these two videos and the can-never-quite-get-over-how-weird-it-is t.A.T.u video to get students to think critically about why some version of this song seems to come out every five years to much fanfare but have the videos gotten more progressive or less so?

Unlike the last #TeachingTuesday I don’t have a set lecture that I use this video with but it always promote a lot of discussion. If you use it let me know what your students think.


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