#TeachingTuesday on Wednesday and Other Questionable Decisions

It’s been a long time coming but here are the last two templates in the course schedule series. This is for a 4 Week Course Schedule. At my institution these courses are taught for two hours every day for a summer condensed session. Here is the slightly longer but still condensed 8 Week Course Schedule. I wish you joy of them and I would ask you to kindly ignore the fact that I’m posting them on a Wednesday instead of Tuesday. Yesterday was a very long day and I collapsed in a heap when I got home from campus with nary the energy to upload a file.

I’m greatly looking forward to the new #TeachingTuesday series beginning next week. I’ll be posting and discussing clips I use to discuss core course concepts. First up will be American Ninja Warrior which is the second best show ever made for television. (Can you guess what the first one is?)

In news that is, tangentially, related I’ve felt very distant from myself lately. A lot of big changes have happened in my life in a relatively short amount of time. Naturally, I’ve changed. Maybe I’ve grown. Time will tell I suppose. The more relevant point is that I often feel more like a transition than a person. In effort to feel more like a person I decided that I was going to apply my theory of first dates to teaching this semester.

I firmly believe that the first date should be the most honest period of any relationship. Here’s the thing: life is short and I don’t have all kinds of time to be dating a person and putting in emotional labor, only to find out they aren’t who I thought they were. Likewise, because I respect others, I want to empower them to make decisions about me as quickly as possible so they know whether or not to keep putting in their emotional labor.

Thus, last week, the first week of the semester, I was the teacher that I usually am at around 6 weeks into the semester. I figured, “What the hell, they can drop if it bothers them,” which is also exactly what I told them.

Most of my students seem confused. Some of them seem to adore me. Aaaaand, some of them may hate me. If I’ve learned one thing from this experiment it is that it might not be the best idea to say “fuck the police” the first week of class.


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