Monday, Monday.

Y’all it’s Monday morning and I am already behind on my schedule for the week and having a hard time leaving the house. To be honest, every semester is difficult probably because life is difficult and semesters are just semi-arbitrary ways of breaking up life. That said, this semester has been especially rough and I’m not sure I could tell you why except to say that I feel like a hamster on a wheel: I run and I run and I don’t get anywhere.

I don’t feel tired but I do feel weary, in spirit more often than body. I feel like I’m letting people down. More devastatingly, I feel powerless to change it. What I had planned to do this morning was to get up early (which I did) and get to campus early and begin catching up on grading. I had planned to leave for campus a half hour ago but I’m still sitting in front of my computer in my pajamas hoping for I don’t even know what–the courage to leave the house, I suppose.

I struggle with being good enough. I don’t want to just be good enough. I want to be extraordinary, but sometimes just being good enough is a struggle that takes almost all the effort I have. Sometimes just getting out the door takes all the effort I have.

I don’t know where you are at this Monday. Perhaps you are feeling well-fed and well-rested from the holiday break and I ready to tackle the day or the week. Perhaps, like me, you are already feeling overwhelmed and defeated by Monday. Wherever you are at I hope that this week holds joyous surprises for both of us. Be well. Feed yourself good snacks. Rest when you need to. Take time to be creative. Remind yourself, and remind me, that being good enough is good enough.


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