#TeachingTuesday Twofer

Monday Seminar Schedule

Hi All,

This week you get two of my favorite things for #TeachingTuesday. First, of course, is the next course schedule template in our series. This is for a three hour, once a week, Monday class. As you may know, Monday classes always have less days because of Monday holidays. If you teach a MW or MWF schedule the loss isn’t devastating but it can be a major adjustment for a once a week class. At my university classes start and the very next Monday is MLK Day. Obviously, I’m all for celebrating MLK Day. I just wish the semester started two weeks earlier so my students (and I) didn’t have so much time to forget everything we went over that first week.

It was also pointed out to me that I should be upfront about the fact that none of my course schedules contain provisions for finals week. I normally have my students turn in a final project via Blackboard during finals week but don’t convene class for a traditional final. Thus, if you’ve noticed that these outlines have been a week short that may be why.

Second, I have several deadlines coming up at the end of November/beginning of December so I will either be blogging less frequently or more frequently. In case it turns out to be less frequently I wanted to leave you with a little something to say “thank you” for following Houghluck so here is a link to one of my new favorite things:

The Passion Planner

There are many, many things to love about the Passion Planner, in my opinion, but I’ll just tell you my favorite one: You can download a week’s worth of passion planner pages FOR FREE. You can download a year’s worth or a week’s worth because they are committed to making these tools accessible. I love this for multiple reasons. On a grad student budget it’s create to know that there are entrepreneurs out there who have your back and are committed to making sure everyone has the tools to success. On a more practical level, I love it because you can see if the Passion Planner methods really do help you stay more organized and reach your goals. If you find out it doesn’t work for you then you didn’t lose any money. If it does work for you then you can save up to buy the next planner or download one for free. It’s all around amazing. I am a Passion Planner convert. Currently I’m using the free pages on a weekly basis but this is the one and only thing I’ve asked my partner for for a holiday present and I. Cannot. Wait. to start 2016 with this wonderful thing.

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